Shelf Stable Meal Kits

JR Packaging provides cost-effective, nourishing shelf stable and emergency meals for senior programs, adult daycares, food banks, and government-funded projects.

If your program needs to meet certain nutrient goals, (RDA or DRI) our extensive supply of food components offers both variety and nutrition to shape any dietary need.

Senior Meals

J&R Packaging has been assembling nutritious, flavorful shelf stable meals for nationwide senior agencies for over 17 years. With the growing older adult population, Nutrition Directors agree that providing sound nutrition services to seniors is even more challenging as funding decreases. Whether eating at home or in a senior facility, J&R Packaging shelf stable meals are a cost-effective solution that accommodates any location or occasion.

  • Perfect for seniors who want to vary their dining times
  • We’ll do the packaging; you can spend more time with your clients
  • One 5-day shelf stable meal pack can replace 5 meal separate deliveries

Weather Related Emergencies

Shelf stable, prepackaged meals are an ideal solution when home delivered meals can’t be distributed, such as during bad weather. These meals do not require refrigeration or cooking and can be consumed at room temperature, if needed.

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Delivered to recipients prior to emergencies or bad weather
  • Informative, customizable, inserts can be added to the meal pack
    “Your 2-day shelf stable meal is provided to keep and use in case of an emergency when meals cannot be distributed. The meals should be consumed by the ‘best by date’ shown.”

Disaster Situations

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, major earthquakes and extreme blizzards can strike without notice or little warning. Shelf stable, prepackaged meals can help keep the survivors nourished until a disaster has passed.


All of our meals are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Contact us to obtain your immediate and personalized quote.